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Newborn Research Funding Map

Millions spent annually on newborn research, but where does it go?

Over 577 million USD per year was spent on research funding mentioning newborns (global average for 2019 and 2020), but with major equity gaps

  • Only 7% of newborn research funding was allocated to low and middle income countries (LMIC), which have 98% of the burden of neonatal mortality, with few grants led by LMIC institutions
  • Despite 1.9 million stillbirths, these outcomes were only mentioned in ~2 % of relevant grants
  • 3% of research funding was for implementation research, although this may have the greatest impact on accelerating progress for small and sick newborn health

This map shows grants included in an analyses of the Dimensions dataset and published in The Lancet Global Health:Research funding for newborn health and stillbirths, 2011-20: a systematic analysis of levels and trends.

These data can help support collaboration and uptake of research findings from the current limited funding available for newborn research in LMIC settings. Importantly, this information also increases transparency and accountability regarding global newborn research funding flows. import from '@molecules/SponsorTag';

Thanks to the authors for sharing the dataset (Priyesh Agravat, Eva M Loucaides, Meghan Bruce Kumar, Anna Howells, Alexandra Molina Garcia, Ismail Sebina, Núria Balanza, Elizabeth J A Fitchett, and Joy E Lawn). Credit to LSHTM Dragon’s Den Innovation competition for funding the map development.

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